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NFT collection verification mark

There are so many NFT collections on the market. You may want to have more information on whether the NFT collection is reliable or not so you can make the decision on how to interact with it accordingly.

DTTD is helping on this matter by granting collection verification status that display next to the collection name.

A checkmark badge on a collection means that the collection has been verified for authenticity by DTTD.

A grey badge on a collection means that the collection is a neutral collection

A DYOR badge on a collection means that you might want to do a bit more research on this collection before making trades.

A Suspicious badge on a collection means that we see a few red flags in the codes and collection. Becareful!

P.S. Certain collections will be hidden on our platform! Meaning that the collection or NFT will not be available anywhere to view on our app, including your profile image!

P.S. If you notice any collections that are incorrectly classified, please do contect us by submitting a ticket. Thanks!

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