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Rewards system

What is the reward system? 

The DTTD rewards system is created to incentivize our users to engage with the NFT space through Engage-to-earn. You will be able to earn dots and EXP by completing interactive quests on the platform (sending/receiving a message, share a post, etc.) 
What kind of quest to do to get Dots and EXP? 

Quests are divided into daily quest (you can only earn dots through that action once a day) and all-time quest (there are no limits to how many dots you can earn each day by completing that same quest) 
How to claim the reward? 

You can claim the dots you have earned once a day. You can go to the reward page located in the top bar of the Profile page next to the Setting icon. User can only claim dots every day before 11:59pm GMT and once dots are claimed, you cannot reclaim it. The reward page will show the time remaining left to complete the list of daily quests. 


What is the benefit of level up? 
The higher level, the more the perks rolling out in future.

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