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NFT analytics

DTTD provides a range of analytics to help our users evaluate the NFT market. This includes: 

  • Ranking of collections based on the sorting criteria such as “30 Days/7Days/1H” 
  • Level of verification such as Verified, Non-verified, DYOR and Suspicious  
  • Collection Floor price  
  • Total volume/Sales count/Avg price change within that time frame (depending on the sorting criteria)  



What is the different of verification level on NFT collection? 
Verification helps the community identify authentic creators and content. There are four verification levels on NFT collection and they are taking reference from industrial leader Opensea. 

1. Verified 
You will find the verified collection on Opensea also have the verified level on our platform. This level means the account has been verified for authenticity by OpenSea. 
2. Non-verified 
This level means the collection no significant alert. 

3. DYOR 
The full term of this is “Do Your Own Research”, which means this collection is trading in low floor price and low volume. We suggest user to do some more research and then make their decision by taking their own risk. 
4. Suspicious 
This is the lowest trust level on DTTD. We have to alert user such collection seems to be not trust worthy and might be a scam. User can still look into the collection and share. However, user should take full responsibility on their own action. 

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