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How do I onboard on DTTD?

Create an account by linking to your MetaMask or creating a custodial wallet. 

Option 1: Connect your MetaMask (We have a video tutorial to put on the FAQ) 


1. Tap the MetaMask icon on the Welcome Page to be brought to MetaMask's interface 

2. There, confirm your decision and sign the message 

3. Once you are confirmed, you will be brought back automatically to DTTD's homepage where you can start browsing!  

Option 2: Create a custodial wallet 

1. Click on the "Log-in/Sign-up" button on the Welcome page. 

2. Type in your email address to receive a magic link in your inbox 

3. Click onto the "Log-in/Sign-up to DTTD" button once you open the magic link to verify your email address  

4. Back in our app, enter your phone number  

5. Type in the 6-digit verification code that has been sent to your phone number 

6. Once approved, set up a 6-digit pin for transactions 

7. Set up your DTTD profile 

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