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How do I share something in DTTD to other people

DTTD offers two ways of sharing interesting profiles, collection, NFT or even a feed post to friends. 

You may share a by clicking the share button showing on different pages. For example,  you see n interesting post on your feed and want to share to a friend using the DTTD in-app chat room. To do so: 

1. Click on the "Share" on the top right corner of each profile page.  



2. Choose the option to share that profile to another user you have previously talked to before in DTTD. 


You may also share a it by using external channels, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger or more. To do so: 

1. You can click onto the "Share button" on the top bar of the profile bar (like above). 

2. Then you will have the option to export the chosen profile by clicking "Share via" on the bottom left of the tab 


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